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what's the difference between FD fruit and traditional dried fruit ?

what's the difference between FD fruit and traditional dried fruit ?
Update Time:2017-07-03

FD fruit is a new kind of dried fruit, much different with traditional dried fruit. The difference as below:

    1. moisture: FD fruit less than 5%, traditional dried fruit is 13-25% 

    2. additives: FD without any additives, 100% natural, safe and healthy. Some traditional fruit will add sugar, corrosion remover, pigment and SO2 so on.   

    3. taste: FD is crispy, traditional is soft.  

    4. color: FD fruit keeps original color of fresh fruit, traditional dried fruit color changed, always becomes darken.  

    5. weight: FD fruit is very light, a full container only 2-4tons, tradtional dried fruit can be 18-22 tons.            

    6. shelf life: FD is 18month or even longer as long as in right storage condition, traditional dried fruit shelf life only can be long to 9-12 month. 

    7. Delivery time: FD fruit production does not effect by season, each kind of fruit can be produced at any time, delivery time is 10-15 days, tradtional dried fruit only can be produced in harvest season, missed the time, you can not find good qty products and good price in market.

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