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Enjoy vegetables, enjoy life

Enjoy vegetables, enjoy life
Issue Time:2017-02-07

  1. Vacuum fried  fruit and vegetables are becoming a trend in the world for it is a green and  healthy revolution that will be in the food field, and its technology is advantageous in many aspects, such as low fat, no additive, many harmful chemicals will not be for the low temperature, and it is tasty and nutritious as well as healthy so that our products especially snacks are quite popular nowadays.

  2. China is a vegetable and fruit garden, so materials here are quite rich, and we make good use of it to produce our own brand products which have been popular around the world , now we have vf dried apples, vf dried kiwi, vf dried tomatoes, vf dried strawberry, vf dried bananas, vf dried carrots, vf dried tomatoes, vf dried beans, vf dried potatoes, vf dried onions etc.

  3. We are a cooperative team, and we employ excellent experts and technicians from all over the world , what is more, we introduced advanced technology to our factory, so surely assured our quality.

  4. Packing: in pet bottles and small bags or in bulk , also can be made to your needs.

  5. We exported to many countries in the world, so we are really glad to cooperate with you and welcome you to have a visit to our factory, and we can provide you with good service, surely the price is very competitive.

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