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Use Of FD Raspberry

Use Of FD Raspberry
Issue Time:2017-11-08
FD Raspberry Introduction

Raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) shrubs, 1-2 meters high. Young branches are pilose, sparse prickles. Leaflets 3-7, long ovate or elliptic, terminal leaflets often ovate, sometimes lobed, 3-8 cm long, glabrous or sparsely pilose above, below densely gray tomentose, irregularly coarse serrated or Serrate; petiole 3-6 cm long, villous pubescent and sparse spines, stipules linear, pubescent. Short racemes terminal or axillary, densely villous pubescent and acupuncture. Pedicels 1-2 cm long; bracts linear, pubescent; flower diameter 1-1.5 cm; calyx densely pilose and needle punctured, sepals ovate-lanceolate, apex margin with gray tomentose, flower stages are erect ; Petals spatulate, pubescent or glabrous, white; filaments longer than styles; style base and ovary densely gray-white tomentose. Fruit subglobose, juicy liquid, 1-1.4 cm in diam., Red or orange-yellow at maturity, densely tomentose: umbilicate depression. Flowering from May to June, the fruit from August to September.

Red raspberry and medicine, eye-catching, kidney function. Stem (pearl rod), fruit: solid essence Bushen, eyesight.Fruit flavor: slightly sweet, sour, warm Efficacy: Zhejiang and Fujian often use its unripe fruit instead of raspberry medicine cited cited, with astringent lean kidney yang eyesight, hangover thirst, phlegm detoxification effect.Indications: kidney, nocturnal emission, drunk, erysipelas embolism. Leaf slightly bitter, with heat Liyan, detoxification, swelling [5], sores and other effects, attending sore throat, multiple abscesses, mastitis embolism, Hunan Xiangxi region, the masses often young leaves mashed animal feeding Treat diarrhea.

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