Freeze Dried Cherry (FD cherry in short) is a kind of dried cherry, moisture is less than 5%, keeps the original shape, color and flavor of fresh cherry, taste crispy. It is more and more popular in global market.
FD cherry is made from well-chosen superior IQF cherry, using vacuum freeze drying technology, the IQF cherry turned into natural delicious fruit chips by sublimation. This kind of cherry without any additives, 100% natural and safe.
FD cherry are up to the mustard of HACCP. All the original and end product are test at any time to ensure the quantity and safety.
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How to use TTN Product?

1. Snack / Chips
2. Decorate bread, cake, ice cream, biscuit and so on
3. Add to oatmeal or corn flakes, increase the taste and flavor of fruit
4. Coated by chocolate, become a new product - fruit chocolate