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Freeze Dried process is a method to freeze the dry liquid materials into solid and use the sublimation properties of ice under low temperature and pressure to dehydrate the materials and achieve the purpose of drying. Freeze Dried technology first appeared in the space field, and it is known to all that the space food has a high quality requirement, which is designed to meet the needs of the astronauts in space for the nutrition of fruits and vegetables. Because freeze Dried technology not only let the color, aroma, taste, nutrition of the food itself, but also make food more convenient to carry and transport. With the development of economy, freeze Dried technology has been applied to daily food processing, so the Freeze Dried process is also called aerospace food technology.
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How to use TTN Product?

1. Snack / Chips
2. Decorate bread, cake, ice cream, biscuit and so on
3. Add to oatmeal or corn flakes, increase the taste and flavor of fruit
4. Coated by chocolate, become a new product - fruit chocolate
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